The word “façade” has the same root as the word “face”. Everyone wants to “put on a good face” and your home deserves the same opportunity. Driving by a home that is in serious need of re-painting is not unlike driving by a home that is poorly illuminated. Well designed facade lighting can turn your home into a landmark property. Choose Lumical for your residential landscape lighting.
Depending on the number of hours of daily operation, LED replacements can operate for 25 or more years without replacement. Another benefit for buildings in warmer climates such as Florida is the reduced heat load – as much as a 5% reduction in heat load on air conditioning by converting to LEDs.

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Plant Illumination


Beautiful and breathtaking lighting effects that add value to your home. Landscape lighting provides an ambient effect to trees, shrubs and flowers. Bring beauty, safety and security to your property with a professionally designed and installed Lumical landscape lighting system.

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Your property most likely has hardscapes that include some walk areas. Walkways that are used, or just seen, during evening hours are much more attractive when properly illuminated and provide safe navigation for you and your guests while further enhancing the framework. Our trained lighting professionals can add beautiful step lights without damaging your permanent structures.

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Walkway Lighting


Back yards have always been the ideal place to entertain friends and family. Low-voltage landscape lighting that saves energy and softly lights up your yard is still the best way to enhance your outdoor living spaces.

Pool lighting represents the new wave in swimming pool style and allows your back yard to fit any sort of evening entertainment.

Let Lumical landscape lighting designers show you how outdoor lighting can transform your pool area.

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